About me


A developer currently working @flysanjose building applications with React.js and Drupal CMS. I like helping companies build full-stack web solutions while ensuring best user experience.
I'm also a coffee & travel lover.

What I am working on

What I am working on

An innovative developer currently working at Mineta San Jose International Airport on full-stack and front-end web applications using SQL, PHP, Drupal 8, JAMStack & Gatsby (JavaScript, APIs, Markup), MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js.

What really drives me

What really drives me

I love building fast, modern, responsive, beautiful, and secure apps and websites in addition to user friendly with passion for user experience; that I’m looking forward to see real impact on business and people.

What motivates me to become a developer is building software solutions and solving problems hoping to make people lives easier and better while continuously adapting and utilizing the latest technologies.

Why I create this site

Why I create this site

By having this website, I am hoping to use it as a guide and documentation for me as a journey working as a developer and traveling while doing it.

I believe this will help me to become a better developer by learning and writing about what I've learned.

Also, it helps me to see what I want to be working on, and how I work on it.

San Jose International Airport

Application Developer

Jan 2017 - Present | San Jose, CA

  • Significantly improved website's speed performance by 28% by redesigning the front end, integrating RESTful API, and establishing new Sass structure and Gulp workflow for development task automation.
  • Streamlined processes and significantly reduced costs for Business and Operations by designing and developing a robust, automated billing reporting application, RESTful API and RDBMS (MSSQL).
  • Utilized Microsoft Azure cloud computing resources to implement and deploy apps for airport parking system and used it to create new features for parking availability and monitoring system.
  • Implementing new features and user interfaces for both airport internal and external web applications to solve complex problems while maintaining the existing applications and codebase.
  • Working on multiple assignments closely with back-end developers, managers, and clients in Agile development process to improve business operations while delivering optimal user experiences.
  • Building responsive, customizable, and innovative software solutions to help business to reach their goals.
  • Leveraged knowledge in Full-Stack Web Development, Drupal 8, Gulp, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, ReactJS, RESTful API, PHP, MSSQL, Azure, Jasmine Unit Testing, and debugged using Chrome DevTool.

San Jose International Airport

Application Developer, Intern

June 2016 - Jan 2017 | San Jose, CA

  • Enhanced radio management system by developing an interactive dashboard with visualization for Airport Operations Department to allow users to easily view all the radio status reports with real-time data.
  • Reduced technical debts by working with back-end developer to refactor legacy PHP code fixing deprecated functions and incorporate clean code style consistency, test coverage and documentation.
  • Significantly increased SQL query performance by troubleshooting and optimizing SQL SELECT statements and stored procedures to only query and store the required data fields that meet business requirements.
  • Leverage knowledge in Back-End Development, PHP, SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Bootstrap, jQuery

GBQ Designs

Web Developer

Sep 2015 - Dev 2015 | San Jose, CA

  • Enhanced user experience of an e-commerce website while working in an agile development team.
  • Increased the business’s value with a new, polished and professional brand logo.
  • Planned an initiated redesign of the website utilizing easy-to-use navigation, professional layout, high-quality product images, and simple checkout.
  • Evaluated requirements with product owner and transform them to functional specifications. Engaged in bi-weekly meetings, discussed user stories, reviewed planning and sprint reports.

Phi Theta Kappa - ASA Chapter

Web Developer

June 2012 - Sep 2013 | Cupertino, CA

  • Researched in web programming technologies and designed, implement, debugged and deployed a web application within 3 months using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Maintained and updated the website weekly with latest news, activities, photos and events.
  • Collaborated with team members to create new logos, banners, posters and newsletter templates.
  • Achieved 3rd place for Distinguished Chapter Officer Team Award from 1250+ chapters.

B.S. in Computer Science

Graduated in December, 2016

Working knowledge in Data Structures & Algorithms, Object-Oriented Design, Web Development, Relational Database Management Systems, Software Engineering, Information Security, Computer Networks

Honor & Award - College of Science Dean's Scholar, Phi Theta Kappa Honor