Beginning 2019

Every year I will try to reflect on the things that I have done, personally and professionally, hoping to give myself a better picture of what I didn't accomplish and what I'd like to focus beginning new year.

This year marked my third year working as a developer at Mineta San Jose International Airport. I couldn't ask for a better team, co-workers, and mentors here at the airport. The best part about working as a developer here is that you get a chance solving aviation related problems while getting your hands dirty on so many different technologies related to database, applications, server, and security, etc. I'm still finding myself excited coming to work every day, and I can't wait to continue building more features and learning more!

I built the new front end for website

This is so far one of my biggest accomplishments since I began my career working as a developer. When I first started by career at Mineta San Jose International Airport, I didn't know a lot of front-end development except some basics in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We also started using Drupal 8 as our new content management system (CMS), so I had to start learning more about Drupal 8 and how theming or front-end development works. This new project has taught me how to work with Drupal 8 front-end development, configuring the the workflow with Node.js, NPM, and Gulp, utilizing tools and ES6, performance optimization, accessibility, front-end best practices, progressive web apps, and many other things. There are still a lot of work especially optimizing performance, adding more useful features, and enhancing the design and user experience while analyzing Google analytics and visual heatmaps. I am really excited and looking forward to improve this site and add more features hoping to give the best experience possible for the users.

What I wanted to learn in 2018

List of what I wanted to learn in 2018, and the ones (crossed out) that I achieved to learn.

  • Setup, configure, and create a custom Drupal 8 Theme
  • Ultilize automation tools to make front-end development faster and easier for Drupal 8 Theming with Node.js, NPM, Gulp, Webpack
  • Learn and apply Advanced CSS such as architecture, fundamental concepts, properties, and using modern flexbox layout, CSS grid, animations, etc.
  • Architect large CSS codebases for reusability and maintainability using Sass
  • Learn the most popular front end library React and the fundamentals around state, props and the component lifecycles
  • Learn cutting edge features to the JavaScript language with ES6, such as keywords, arrow functions, class syntax, and much more

Other things I learned in 2018

List of what I didn't intend to learn in 2018, and I happened to learn.

  • ES2016 and ES2017 and cutting edge features to JavaScript
  • Build JSON APIs using Node, Express and MongoDB
  • Testing with Jasmine
  • Callbacks, Promises, Generators and Async Functions
  • Building Node.js APIs
  • Building Single Page Applications
  • Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript
  • Closures and the keyword 'this'
  • Functional Programming in JavaScript
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Asynchronous Code with JavaScript

What I want to learn this year

While I'm striving to enhance my skills and become a better developer, this is the list of things that I would like to learn more or look into this year. I like to focus and improve on my front-end development especially with React and ES6, performance optimization, web accessibility, and testing.

  • Decouple (or Headless) Drupal, researching ways to export data from your Drupal site, using RESTful, allowing content reuse across platforms
  • Drupal and React, integrating React and Drupal together
  • Performance Optimization, optimizing resources and using tools to improve the page load speed
  • Web Accessability, making sure that the app is developed with all users and people with disabilities in mind while ensuring the content and functionality are easy to access and use.
  • Web Best Practices, learning the best practices used for front-end development and the web
  • Progressive Web App, integrating PWA to existing web apps
  • Search Engine Optimization,
  • More Testing, learn more unit testing, integration testing, functional testing with Jest, Enzyme, and Cypress, and CrossBrowserTesting tool
  • MERN Stack with Mongo, Express, React, NodeJS, Redux and Webpack, building a full-stack web app with authentication and deploy to public
  • JAMstack with Gatsby, Netlify and Netlify CMS, building a modern web development and upgrading older client projects based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup
  • React Native, building native mobile apps using JavaScript and React
  • Electron, building cross platform desktop apps with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

I made 4 videos

I've always been interested in traveling and exploring places, and also making videos. I am inspired when watching other people going around the world. So I started looking into travel videography in 2018, and made 4 videos. I hope that making these videos will help me to inspire me to travel more, explore more, and wander more, and also maybe for you and other other people, even if it's just a little bit! Like if you enjoy them and subscribe for more!

I visited 5 countries

I've been dreaming of this trip for a very long time. When my family moved to America in 2008 from Vietnam, I didn't really know a whole lot about my own country. I was born in a city called Can Tho in southern Vietnam. However, my grandparents and great-grandparents originated from northern Vietnam. My best cousin and I once had this thought of going back to Vietnam to explore and learn more about our homeland one day. We want to see places throughout Vietnam, eat the local food, and get a better understanding of our cultures and people. This day finally came in 2018. We had a chance to visit Vietnam and other southeast asian countries. I can't express how much I love traveling, exploring the different cultures and amazing places while enjoying the local food cuisines. This is a list of countries that I visited in 2018, and I'm looking forward to add more to this list.

  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Canada

Quote of the day

“Don't regret anything you do, because in the end it makes you who you are.” - Unknown